Saturday, April 3, 2010

~ My BeLoVeD FriEnDs~

Dedicated to all my Friends especially Biology Edu. Batch (06-10), and also to my ex-housemate... and ex-schoolmate... :

My Beloved Friends

My beloved friends, I’m glad I found you,Our friendship is a gift we share,I can be myself around you,Safe in your love and care…   Through fun and fears, play and tears,We help each other and grow,I prize our time, the days, the years,More than you know…   You make me smile when I’m sinking,You’re just a pure delight,We talk a lot about everything,You make my life so bright…   I miss you, when you’re out of my sight,Our friendship bond was meant to be, I think of you with great heart,You’re almost part of me..  Thanks you my friends for all the things,That means so much to me,For concern and understanding,You give abundantly…   Thanks for listening with your heart,For cheering me when I’m sad,For bringing me the light,And you always be my side…  I’m sorry for my flaws and faults,For all the time we spend,For all the kind things you do,I just can say thank you…  I hope that I’m also giving you some joy and happiness,Because you mean so much to me, more than I can express…..

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